Documents for Canada Express Entry

When applying for Express Entry to Canada, you'll need various documents to support your application. Here's a list of some of the key documents typically required:

  1. 1. Passport:

  2. A valid passport or travel document for you and any accompanying family members.

  3. 2. Language Test Results:

  4. Results of an approved language test (such as IELTS or CELPIP for English, or TEF for French) to demonstrate proficiency in either English or French, depending on the language requirements of the program you're applying for.

  5. 3. Education Credential Assessment (ECA):

  6. If you completed your education outside of Canada, you'll need to obtain an ECA report from an approved organization to show that your foreign education credentials are equivalent to Canadian standards.

  7. 4. Work Experience Documents:

  8. Detailed documentation of your work experience, including reference letters from previous employers, job descriptions, and proof of employment.

  9. 5. Proof of Funds:

  10. Evidence that you have enough money to support yourself and your family members financially when you arrive in Canada. This is typically demonstrated through bank statements, investment statements, or a letter of support from a sponsor.

  11. 6. Medical Examination:

  12. You may need to undergo a medical examination by an approved panel physician to demonstrate that you are in good health and admissible to Canada.

  13. 7. Police Clearance Certificate:

  14. A police clearance certificate or criminal record check from each country or territory where you have lived for six months or longer since the age of 18.

  15. 8. Express Entry Profile Information:

  16. Details about your personal information, work history, education, language proficiency, and other relevant details that you'll provide when creating your Express Entry profile.

  17. 9. Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificates:

  18. If applicable, you'll need to provide marriage certificates for spouses and birth certificates for dependent children.

  19. 10. Other Supporting Documents:

  20. Depending on your individual circumstances and the specific program you're applying for, you may need to provide additional documents such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, adoption certificates, or custody agreements.

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